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Painting Chrome

There’s not much point in getting a Melbourne car paint protection product that protects your paint if in the process it makes your paint look terrible. Now a days, painting chrome is being used as a ride pimper and it has, and is gaining popularity, There has been some innovation in painting chrome as until recently the only way to get that famous shine which is specific to chrome paints was to chrome plate the vehicle. If you are new to chrome paint, it would simply be defined as the paint applied to get a shiny and mirror like finish. I would like to be frank here and I have to confess that personally I am not fond of painting chrome over the car. As I feel that the chromed car seems to be bedazzled extra ordinarily and it seems to appear that whole car has been wrapped in an aluminum foil. Any way this is only my opinion and majority of the car enthusiasts seems to enjoy and adore a chrome car so I would be rather commercial here and will tell you some tips for custom chrome paint as well as chrome paint trim. The biggest advantage of chrome car paint is that it provides with perfect base coat and any other art work can be applied by painting over chrome and the chrome paint acts as a high light thus really pimping the car.

Custom chrome car paint is best used in motor sports car when the car needs some advertisement painted all over it. So the chrome is used as a base paint to give prominence to over all advertisement painting. Typical process of applying car chrome paints is that first a dark base coat is used as a primer then a chrome spray paint is sprayed over it. However the base coat is not completely covered. Finally a clear coat is applied. Usually a tint or pigment is added to to give chrome a color since chromes are originally shiny, silver finishing. The appropriate blend of chrome and paint is necessary as applying too thin coat of chrome spray paint will give a dull metallic look which obviously kills the purpose of applying a chrome to your car.

As the appropriate blend of chrome and paint is necessary, so is the drying and application time. As I said that make sure the primer coating or base coat is not fully covered. The reason for this is because it is necessary for the chrome to shine as the shine heavily depends on the contrast between chrome and paint and messing with this crucial balance will simply ruin your all the hard works. Following are the steps you should follow in order to do some custom chrome paint. Adhering to them strictly will simply pimp your ride.

Step 1

Prepare the surface where you are going to apply some chrome spray paint or simply chrome paint. Any bumps on the surface, the chrome will definitely show some imperfections.

Step 2

The second important step is to apply appropriate base coat. Appropriate here means that the base coat should be dark enough so that it provides with the right contrast as a result of which the shine is going to enhance of the chrome paint.

Step 3

As more than one coats are going to be applied and drying and application times are crucial, it is advised to bake the car for time saving.

Step 4

Chrome spray paint should be applied on a very fine mist. Again give it a suitable time to get dry. Applying fine mist is only to be on a safe side. Since it would be difficult to deal with the over applied chrome paint, it is better to apply the coats slowly and with fine mist until the desired outcome or to be more precise, desired shine is achieved. Its a very special crucial step and requires due care. Any error and it would sabotage your whole work. It is for this reason that painting chrome is not regarded as DIY job and an experts assistance is reckoned.

Step 5

This involves applying the final clear coat. As I said that tint or pigment is added to give chrome a color. So you can add any one from these two so that finishing involves some colors. The shine and reflectiveness of the chrome paint is not going to be effected by adding these two materials. Now you are done and can add your favorite designs, logos or any image which ever you like.

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