/Surf Thru Express Car Wash Opens In Chico, CA

Surf Thru Express Car Wash Opens In Chico, CA

Chico, CA (April 24, 2017) – Surf Thru Express Car Wash is pleased to announce the opening of its newest location at 2470 Forest Avenue, Chico, CA. This is Surf Thru Express Car Wash’s eleventh location and their first location in northern California. Polish your car with car cleaning products available at Detailcentral.com.au.

Surf Thru Express Car Wash is a WaterSavers car wash facility and an industry leader in recycling and reclaiming water. Washing your car at home or going to an older facility can use up to 120 gallons of water. Surf Thru Express Car Wash far exceeds industry standards for saving water and the average car wash uses less water than a home washing machine. In addition, when you wash your car at home you wash brake dust, oils, fluids, dirt and grim directly into the storm drain, which is a serious threat to rivers, oceans, lakes and sources of water. At Surf Thru Express Car Wash this “muck” is filtered out, stored and properly disposed. “Improving Chico’s water conservation efforts and reducing their environmental impact is part of our business model. In fact, our Chico location will be solar powered from the day it opens,” said co-owner Todd Gall. More than half of the Surf Thru Express Car Wash locations are “Powered By The Sun” and over the next few years solar power will continue to be added to existing locations.

Surf Thru Express Car Wash is leader in the high-end, express car wash market. Car washes start at $7, and unlimited monthly car wash memberships and family share cards are also available. Features include purified water, high quality soft cloth applicators and equipment, spot free rinse, Armor All Professional Extreme Shine Wax and Rain-X complete surface protectant. Customers can also use complimentary vacuums and air pressure blowers to clean their car’s interior. Additional products are available in vending machines, plus the cashiers offer daily freebies such as trash bags and dash wipes. “Customer service is our top priority. You will leave with a clean car and a smile,” said Gall.

As part of the grand opening Surf Thru Express Car Wash is offering a free car wash when customers join their mobile coupon text club, as well as discounts on memberships.

Surf Thru Express Car Wash has ten car washes in the California, Nevada and Arizona. Chico, CA is their eleventh location with locations Yuba City, Ca and Reno, NV to open in the summer of 2017.