/Why Artists Should Print Their Models

Why Artists Should Print Their Models

Artists should rejoice! There is a technology out there that is becoming more and more available to the public. What is this technology I’m talking about? 3D printing. What is it? 3D Printing is an older technology that is now becoming available for the everyday artist and 3D Designer. This technology allows artists to print 3D models of their designs… What do I mean when I say print 3D models? Taking a 3D computer generated image and manufacturing it into a physical figurine. Artists can turn their designs into real objects! This technology works like this – a computer generated image will be sent to a 3D printer. The printer, will then create the image layer by layer out of various materials. For example, the printer might create an ABS plastic model by producing it layer by layer and fusing the layers together. Through 3D printers, artists can print 3D models of their creations! The concept boards is very likely to be the first piece of work that an Interior Designer will produce for a client, so it has to be perfect.

There are quite a few materials out there right now that can be used when trying to print 3D models. There are companies out there offering a wide variety to choose from. Some places offer 5-10 materials. Some offer over 50! These materials could be ceramics, plastics, rubber like materials, metals, materials with mechanical properties, or even precious metals. Artists can print 3D models out of gold, silver, and platinum!

This technology gives artists so much freedom when designing 3D art. They have the power to create virtually anything out of virtually any material. There are so many choices to choose from. This method of manufacturing is also much more dynamic than other methods like traditional molding or CNC cutting When artists print 3D models, they don’t have to worry about certain aspects, for example: through 3D printing, artists can print 3D models that are similar to rubics cubes, certain puzzle like products, mechanical functioning products, and other significant products such as a ball within a ball. These kinds of products are unheard of in traditional mold manufacturing, as well as CNC cutting.

How do artists benefit when they print 3D models? Imagine an artist spending hours and hours on a project. This model was his or her vision, and they created it. Most of the time and effort was thrown in this model… for what? Well, artists can see their models on their computers, but that seems kind of bland in my opinion. Imagine that artist being able to hold his or her model, in their own hands. Imagine how inspiring it would be to know that you created something – you brought it to life. What else comes for artists who print 3D models? Imagine interviewing for a game company. You would be just another interviewee with good designs. Unless you printed your models! How cool would it be for your interviewer to hold your work? Perhaps an artist was an engineer for a drilling company. Imagine that artist being able to bring in physical scaled models of your drills, pipe, and other parts. For an interviewer to be able to see your models in person – that could be powerful. Very powerful. When an artist would print 3D models, he or she could greatly prove his or her chances of landing a job!